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Armor-Rock Xpress Cure in Action

Mar 11, 2015

Armor-Rock XC: Xpress Cure Mortar System

We commonly come across dairy applications where the desire for a durable and chemical resistant floor is present, but may be inhibited by downtime factors where a quick turn-around to production is required. To address this need we have developed and tested Armor-Rock XC.

Armor-Rock XC MMA cold curing.jpg

This system offers maximum durability, UV/chemical resistance, and speed - clocking in around 40 minutes set time at 70°F. An added ‘cold-cure’ accelerator may also be used in below freezing temperatures for fast overlays in refrigerated areas or during inclement weather.

Armor-Rock XC is VOC compliant and offers a flowable consistency with good leveling properties. When carefully planned and applied over a well-prepared surface, this system provides the speed and strength required in a fast-paced dairy production environment.

Category: Fast Cure Coatings