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Repair Products


Armor-Stone on SlatsThese specially designed epoxy mortars are ideal for tough wear situations where chemical resistance is important. Easy to use too just mix and trowel apply using Armor-Stone trowels.

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Armor-Stone Xtra Fast

Armor-Stone Repair WearArmor-Stone Xtra Fast is a 100% solids, clear extra fast-set 2-component, epoxy coating designed for durability, longevity, and resistance to chemicals. Armorcoat meets all of the USDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities. Armor-Stone is available in clear, and a selection of colors using VSC colorants.

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Epoxy Gel

Armorcoat MangerThis easy 1:1 mix vaseline-type rigid epoxy is designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Just mix and scrape over hairline cracks, small pits and holes in floors and walls.

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Epoxy Joint Fill Vertical

Epoxy Joint Fill RepairFlexible epoxy paste fills cracks and seams in vertical and horizontal surfaces. Ideal for repair of tank, pit and structure walls and floors. Withstands continuous exposure to most liquids,wastes and traffic.

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Epoxy Joint Fill Fast

Epoxy Joint Fill FastFast-set self-leveling polymer. Fill horizontal cracking and joints. Just fill and shave within minutes. A dual cartridge system applied with application gun. Flexible - moves with crack or joint.

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Epo-Set 400

Armorcoat MangerEpo-Set 400 is a fast-set polymer paste in a dual cartridge system applied with a “standard caulking” gun. It’s mixed and applied in a static mixing nozzle.

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